Measurement of furniture

High-quality and comfortable furniture are designed according to specific need and possibilities of the client. You are always welcomed to consult.

These services of "Baltfur" specialists 

  • If there is a need, before all finishing works, we show and mark electrical installation places, etc.;
  • Designer will visit your home, consult, and measure furniture;
  • Furniture design;
  • Final measurement after renovation works;
  • Delivery and installation of furniture;
  • Warranty service.

If you are interested in an exact price of your furniture, you are welcomed to visit our furniture shop, call the designer, call the numbers provided in the contact section, or send the measurements or drawing via email.

Furniture design starts from an accurate measurements of a room. While measuring, all elements are important: electricity inlets, location of pipes, height of window sills, walls, flatness of floor, and angle of inclination. If the measurements are inaccurate, your piece of furniture may not fit or might be too small. Usually, every millimeter, rather than centimeter, is important. The final measuring is carried out after renovation works, so that the measurements remain unchanged until the piece of furniture will be measured.